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Positive Money Principle 2

When you’re aware of the beliefs and behaviors related to money that you inherit and pass along, you’re more intentional about your actions today.

The second principle of Positive Money focuses on what we learned about money growing up and the beliefs and behaviors we pass along to future generations. This is a topic of great interest to many given the abundance of movies, books, and television shows that portray the drama around money passing through family systems. House of Gucci or Succession come to mind. Though these stories can seem extreme, we know that dynamics around inheritance and legacy are particularly treacherous.

Positive Money Principle 2

When you consider what you’ve inherited and could pass along from your relationship with money, you might find old patterns of thinking or behaving that no longer serve you or others. For example, let’s say you or your family is of the mindset that money is bad or that people with a lot of money are circumspect. Is that a fact or a belief? If a fact, how are you finding evidence and what criteria are you using to test validity? Is your thinking generalized or specific? If a belief, what price are you paying for holding onto this belief?

Once you carry your own water, you will learn the value of every drop. - African Proverb


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