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Transform Your Financial Future with
Positive Money Coaching

Tired of feeling overwhelmed by your finances

or suffering from money challenges

that keep you up at night?  








Imagine a life where you feel confident and empowered to achieve your financial goals.







Take your first step with Positive Money Coaching. 




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Positive Money

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a cycle of

financial stress and uncertainty?










You're not alone.

Many people struggle to make sense of their finances,

leaving them feeling anxious and powerless.


But it doesn't have to be this way.

Positive Money Coaching offers a clear pathway to financial empowerment and freedom.


Through our work together, you gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset you need to build confidence and take control of your finances so you have the life you desire.

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How Positive Money Coaching Works














Positive Money Coaching is a program that uses the principles, practices, and processes outlined in Positive Money - 7 Principles for Living a Rich Life as the framework for working together.


The program starts with understanding your money story and relationship with money. From there, we focus on each of the principles and how you can use them to reframe your current situation and imagine a different outcome. Finally, you learn practices such as building mental fitness and holding money dates that have proven effective and life-changing for individuals and those around them.  

“Working with Cindy empowered me to trust who I am in this world despite growing up with others telling me otherwise. The Positive Money Program was transformational and then follow-on coaching has helped me align my head, heart, and habits around Positive Money.” Susie A.

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Your Coach











Cindy Morgan-Jaffe has likely walked in your shoes. She is a parent of five, has gone through a divorce, and navigated career and life decisions. Along the way, she often felt that her wants and needs were out of sync.

  • She wanted to build a prosperous freelancing business but felt uncomfortable in sales conversations. 

  • She wanted to stay home with her kids but also have a career.

  • She wanted to be financially "successful" but wasn't making choices that reflected that goal. 

  • Cindy eventually learned that money itself wasn't the problem. Instead, it was her relationship with it and what she needed to learn, accept, and even celebrate if she wanted to have the impact she wanted to have in the world.  Learn more about Cindy here. 

    As Cindy shares, her journey and that of so many others inspired her to write her book about Positive Money and to create the principles, practices, and processes others can use to transform how they show up for money and how it shows up for them.

    Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

    Invest in Yourself















    Imagine if you woke up without the stress you currently feel in your financial life.

    Imagine if you felt comfortable talking about money at home or work.

    Imagine if money was no longer a trigger or a way to please

    or the reason you stay in a bad relationship.



    With Positive Money Coaching, you will...

    Break free from the cycle of debt and financial stress.


    Gain clarity and confidence around what you want and need financially.

    Build a solid foundation for long-term wealth and prosperity.














    Ready to take the first step towards financial freedom?


    Enroll in our Positive Money Coaching program today

    and start to transform your financial future!

    Positive Money
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