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“Positive Money will help you identify your relationship with money and what needs to shift in order to live a happy, fulfilling, and rich life – regardless of your circumstances.”
-- Bill Carmody, Chief Coaching Officer of Positive Intelligence

"Heart-centered inspiration and wisdom 
to power you forward!"

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Our relationship with money can be one of the messiest.
We love it and hate it and everything in between.

Positive Money 4 Types of Relationships

Four Ways We Relate With Money



Learn how Positive Money can move you from an adversarial to an abundant relationship with money. 

When we focus on fear, shame, and blame we can lose sight of the power of generosity, grace, and gratitude.

Positive Money moves us in the right direction. 

Morgan Family by Jackson Lake

The author (far left) with her family on Jackson Lake, Wyoming.



About the Author

Money relationship expert, coach, and speaker Cindy Morgan-Jaffe shares her personal journey from a small town in Wyoming to life in the big city and explains how her early obsession with Richie Rich was a sign of what would be a lifelong exploration of what it takes and means to be rich.

Her 7 Principles of Positive Money serve as a philosophy and a practice for living a rich life --- one that brings joy, freedom, and relief from the challenges we experience in our relationship with money. They can be applied to any financial transaction, whether you’re a busy parent, partner, or professional.

Clip of Letter to Author

Excerpt from letter to the author from her mother sent during her first year of college. 

About Positive Money

Positive Money is a philosophy for living 
in relationship with money that feels positive 
and leads to favorable results.

Money is stressful for many of us no matter what’s in our bank accounts. We don’t have enough to meet basic needs like housing and food. Costs for health and child care continue to climb and economic disparity abounds. Emotionally, we feel ashamed of how much we make or don’t make, anxious in money conversations, or worried about our financial security.

Given that money doesn’t have a say in how it’s used, the buck stops with you and me. We make decisions every day that drive how we show up for money and ultimately for ourselves and others. This can feel negative or positive depending on what you bring to the table and choose to focus on.  

Positive Money is a Choice

The first principle of Positive Money
is that it's a choice. 

Positive Money is a philosophy for living in relationship with money.

Positive Money will change how you think, act, and feel about money so you experience:

• Greater ease and flow in your financial life.
• More confidence in responding to money challenges.
• Empowerment and ownership in your relationship with money.
• Self-acceptance.
• Connection to what matters most.

Positive Money makes it possible to live a rich life when you’re tuned into what feels enriching. It separates the numbers from what you make them mean. It gives you a point of reference for how you want to be in your relationship with money and offers practices for sorting that out. If all goes well, you'll clarify what matters most and establish a reliable system to guide your daily money decisions.

Positive Money Serves a Higher Good

The third principle of Positive Money
is that it serves a higher good.

The promise of Positive Money

Challenges we face as societies:

• Rising consumer debt and inability to save.
• Costs of measuring up.
• Lack of financial literacy.
• High rate of unbanked and underbanked.
• Complex personal finance industry.
• Wages not keeping up with costs of living.
• Prioritizing profit over people and the environment.

Challenges we face personally:

• Fear and self-doubt.

• Lack of skills and will to talk about money.

• Trying to please others through our pocketbook.

• Overspending or underearning.

• Linking self-worth to our net worth.

• Limiting beliefs that stop us from living a rich life.

• Avoid paying bills or taking care of our future selves.

Positive Money Causes No Harm

The sixth principle of Positive Money
is that it causes no harm. 

Why we need Positive Money

7 Principles
3 P's of Positive Money: Principles, Process, Practice
  • The principles become your guiding philosophy.

  • The process is about pausing when you encounter a challenge so you can choose your next Positive Money move based on a principle that resonates.

  • The practice puts and keeps you in the Positive Money zone so you have what you need to respond in a way that feels positive.

  1. A choice

  2. Generational

  3. Serves a higher good

  4. Aligns head, heart, habit

  5. An act of giving and receiving

  6. Causes no harm

  7. A practice

The 3 P's of Positive Money

The 3 P's of Positive Money are driven by open-ended questions.

How Positive Money Works


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