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About Us

About the Positive Money Club

At the Positive Money Club, we believe that your relationship with money is critical to your financial health and wellness. 


We also believe that we're facing a global crisis of more -- more money, more goods, more status -- that is costing us environmentally, spiritually, and mentally. If we want to reduce those costs, we must start with what drives those behaviors. 


Therefore, our mission is to help you create positive financial habits that are sustainable and connected to what matters most. 


We strive to provide quality products and services that help you be a more effective steward of your financial life starting with how money shows up and you show up for money.

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

"Your relationship with money is as important as money itself – or even more so.




Because what you think and feel about money – your money mindset – has an impact on your earning, spending, saving, and giving."
Cindy Morgan-Jaffe  

About Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, Founder

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, M.Ed., NCC, PRC, CPRC, CPQC helps her clients move beyond the shame, resistance, and fear many have around money so they can live productive and balanced lives. She brings her creativity, passion, and experience to the table with over twenty-five years of work with individuals and teams to enhance performance, developmental and financial fitness, and build confidence in an area of life that can often feel overwhelming and stressful. 


In addition to her professional training and experience, Cindy draws from her 60+ years of navigating life as a sibling, parent, partner, friend, and human. She lives with her wife and pets in Washington, DC, and enjoys hiking, yoga, art, and learning.



  • Nationally Certified Counselor

  • Certified Positive Intelligence® Coach

  • Certified XChange Guide and Facilitator

  • Certified money and life coach who has worked in career, talent, and leadership development in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors

  • Certified Financial Educator through the National Financial Educators Council

  • Certified Professional Recovery Coach through the International Institute of Recovery Coaches and International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education

  • Certified Human Impact Framework (HIF) Guide

  • Master’s in Education and Human Development from George Washington University with a focus on school counseling and career development for youth


NOTE: I  am not a financial advisor, planner, or in any way certified to advise on finances. Instead, I help clients identify patterns of thinking and behaving that bring us back to the same place over and over, and then take action that delivers different results. 

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International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches Certification
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