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Speaking & Facilitation

Cindy gets the audience engaged quickly and effectively as an experienced speaker and facilitator. She has over five years of training in Toastmasters and has facilitated large and small groups online and in person. Her passion comes through as she inspires deep thinking around money mindset and how it drives results in business, at home, and in our communities as we face challenges of wealth disparity, sustainability, and equity.

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe
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The Facts

80% of us don’t have the mental fitness we need to face life challenges like managing money.*


Businesses want to “do more with less.”  Teens and emerging adults are anxious about the future and woefully unprepared to manage their finances. We face growing economic disparity. Families disagree on who should pay for college or whether the price tag is worth it.   

Money relationship expert and coach Cindy Morgan-Jaffe speaks and writes about such challenges and how we can find ease and flow using mental fitness.

*Research from Positive Intelligence

Topics for Leaders

I speak to leaders who want to boost productivity and employee engagement using principles of Positive Money and practices of mental fitness. I draw on over 25 years of running leadership programs and studying how our money mindset drives results, as well as on my own experience as an entrepreneur and working across sectors.

Our Money Saboteurs at Work  How Our Money Mindset Drives Results

"Cindy has delivered several webinars on money mindset and coaching tools for our recovery coach community." Dr. Jean LaCour, President/CEO, International Center for Recovery Education

Topics for Youth 

I speak to high school and college students as well as young professionals about how their money mindset drives results. If we believe someone else will take care of us, we don't develop the mental fitness we need to face and overcome financial challenges around earning, spending, saving, and giving.

6 Things I Wish I'd Learned About Money How Your Money Mindset Drives Results Mental Fitness and Substance Use

"Cindy spoke to students and parents at Woodrow Wilson High School about the challenges of substance abuse today." -- Nadine J. Parker, Executive Director NCCPUD, Washington, DC


Please contact Cindy if interested in having her speak in front of your group. 


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