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Client Stories

I'm often asked what I DO with clients, especially around money because I am not an accountant or financial advisor. Instead, I help business owners, parents, and leaders clarify the impact they want to make and the legacy they want to leave through their financial decision-making. 

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"K" - Life Coach and Influencer

If I’m being honest, I didn’t really think I needed another way of looking at my business. I’ve done all sorts of branding exercises and taken all the classes on marketing and thought I had it nailed in. I was WRONG. 

The Human Impact Framework completely changed the way I show up in my business. Before I had a pretty good idea of who I was serving and what I was talking about, now I know. It cleared away all the questions and doubts and revealed a path that’s easy to follow because it is aligned with who I am, the values of my business, and the needs of my customers. 

I feel like I was bumping around in the dark before and Human Impact turned on the lights. I can’t recommend it enough!


The Client

K. is a life coach, content creator, and influencer. Her target audience is moms and her message to them is to trust themselves and to find opportunities for self-care including fun. She is also a mom of two kids in elementary school so has only the time they are in school to work. She is also talented and bursting with ideas about offerings for her clients.


The Challenges:

K. was struggling with focus. She had spent money on various tools and systems as well as branding and yet wasn't earning what she knew she was worth. A few of the challenges:

  • Overwhelm

  • Attention Issues

  • Discomfort around asking for money

  • Question about what she should sell

  • Disconnect between what she wants to do and what her income needs to be 

Our Work Together:

Given K’s needs, I decided to introduce her to a process and a tool called the Human Impact Framework or HIF. The goal of the HIF is to help clients tell their story of impact starting with purpose and ending with impact. The theory behind it is that impact flows both ways like a currency, and that our ability to generate impact is dynamic, not fixed. The process increases clarity, creates momentum, and restores balance as it takes a 360-degree look at who she serves, how and what she offers, the intended impact of those offers, and the unique mix of strengths, gifts, and values she brings that drive success.


  1. Phase 1 - The first phase of the process was a series of three meetings over one month where I interviewed K – listening and clarifying as she answered specific questions.  Once we established areas of clarity and others not so clear, I applied the information to the HIF tool for individuals and shared that with her.

  2. Phase 2 - Over the next three meetings, we ironed out her “impact propositions” or offers that connected her audience to the impact they would experience. 

  3. Phase 3 - The final tool we used is one I created called the “Build” which helps my business clients list their products and/or services, the fee, and the number of units needed to sell to meet financial goals. In this phase, we also surfaced money mindset beliefs and behaviors that were driving results for better or worse and identified Positive Money principles she could use to meet her objectives.


The Results:

K was pleased with our work together over 2 months. She has a tangible product to take away and that reminds her of her goals and objectives moving forward. I also created a logo for her as I sometimes leverage my design and marketing background to help clients with their branding, design, and implementation of their programs. 

Human Impact Framework
Human Impact Framework logo
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