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Get Your Financial Affairs in Order
in 5 Simple Steps 

Wake up feeling confident and secure
knowing your next of kin have what they need
in case of emergency or death.  


This self-paced course created by Positive Money coach and guide Cindy Morgan-Jaffe takes you through 5 simple steps to organize your financial affairs using Positive Money Principles to guide, inspire, and support.  

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“I can’t believe we didn’t take
care of it earlier.”

We got news in May that a close friend in her 70s had an aggressive form of cancer. In June, treatment was going well though the prognosis was not good. In early July, we met with her and her husband on the front stoop of their row house where she expressed concern about her husband's welfare. Two weeks later, she started an experimental treatment, and two weeks after that went into cardiac arrest and died in intensive care on the last day of July. 

When asked if they had end-of-life documents in place, her husband said, "No. We just never got around to it, sadly. It won't bring her back but not having them added so much to an already stressful situation. I can't believe we didn't take care of it earlier." 

This story is true and too common. 

Couple on boat

It’s also avoidable. 

We know rationally that death can come at any time.


We know that managing our affairs will most likely fall on the shoulders of our loved ones.

We know that few of us want to think or talk about what happens after we're gone or become incapacitated.


We know that estate planning can seem overwhelming. 


So, we naturally we...


Put it off because it's uncomfortable, never the right time, or we don't know what to do. 


Think someone else will take care of it.


Assume there's more time.

Which is why embracing this opportunity is one
of the greatest gifts you can give yourself
and your loved ones. 



The "Get Your Financial Affairs in Order"

is a step-by-step Positive Money course that includes all you need to get your financial affairs in order in a timely and effective way and in the spirit of Positive Money.










News no family wants to get.


It was a Friday night when we got the call. It was my little sister. Her voice was cracking. Given the odd timing and the sound of her voice, I knew it was bad news. Indeed. She was bearing news no family member wanted to hear -- my nephew, age 29, had been in a terrible car accident that morning and was on life support. 

After a long weekend of not knowing, it became clear that he wouldn't make it. Fortunately, he had specified on his license that he wanted his organs donated, and the care and support of the family had been exceptional. Unfortunately, gaining access to his computer and phone cost the family precious time, money, and emotional stress on top of grieving the loss of their child.

You can never know but you can prepare. 

Positive Money is a philosophy for living in relationship with money that feels good and delivers positive results.


Though we might not know when we or a loved one will pass, we can take action today to give ourselves and our loved ones the gift of support for the inevitable. 

This is why we’re giving you a plan to...

Organize your financial affairs in

five simple steps using the

Positive Money "SCOPE" model:


Set your goal and timeline
Clarify your team
Organize a system that works for you
Prepare your documents
Engage others


That you can do on your own time.


So you feel...
  • Confident in what you need and where to go for support.

  • Relieved that you have taken care of something you knew you wanted and needed to do and,

  • Clear about next steps.



The "Get Your Financial Affairs in Order"

is a step-by-step Positive Money course that includes all you need to get your financial affairs in order in a timely and effective way and in the spirit of Positive Money.








My Story


The saying goes that we create for others what we wish we had for ourselves. That is certainly the case here. As much as I love to organize and know things are in order, I resisted doing this task for many of the reasons listed above. 


It wasn't until I set the goal and made the Positive Money choice to focus on financial security that I learned about The NokBox®  through the Toler Financial Group. The "Next of Kin" box* is a fire-safe box with worksheets and file folders that make it easy to organize.  *Though I highly recommend this resource, it's NOT necessary or a requirement for this course or for completing this task. 

A few things I learned from my experience

and from working with others...


Resistance has far more to do with mindset than with capacity.


Build the practice around a habit (like coffee in the am).


Positive Money principles and practices were essential.

Your Story


You might be wondering why you haven't gotten around to organizing your financial affairs given the wealth of free guidance and material about estate planning on and offline.

I wondered the same thing until I realized

I needed something more.😒


When we face our fears, get curious about what stops us, and invest in something we know will pay itself forward,

we not only protect ourselves financially but we also...


Make Positive Money moves.


Take action that feels positive and

leads to positive results. 


Become a role model for others. 









The "Get Your Financial Affairs in Order"

is a step-by-step Positive Money course that includes all you need to get your financial affairs in order in a timely and effective way and in the spirit of Positive Money.


Invest today in your financial security for only $97 and get the following immediately upon purchase:

✅ Introductory video about Positive Money and how the principles and practices will help you succeed.

✅ Checklist of documents to be included and stored in a safe and secure place.

✅ A five-step (S.C.O.P.E.) process for guiding the project. 

✅ Units on the 7 Positive Money Principles and how they support the process.


✅ Guidance and resources from experts on estate planning. 

✅ Discount on Positive Money coaching should you decide you want some accountability and/or support to work through resistance or fear.

Sleep better at night knowing that making

this Positive Money move today will

help you sleep better tomorrow.

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Positive Money course

"The actual work of pulling together a next of kin box isn't that hard, but the mental energy and our own values around money can truly impact how we do this work. If you need a little push to help you with this important work of preparing your documents, do this course.

Ultimately, it's a gift to your loved ones and friends once you pass on. " Course Participant

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

"The process was so helpful, not just with the mechanics of identifying, labeling and filing important paperwork, but also in dealing with the emotions that arise in considering money and inheritance issues." Course Participant

Positive Money Course
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Cindy Morgan-Jaffe
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Positive Money Course
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