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Substance Use Parent Support (SUPS) Groups


If you're a parent of a teen or young adult caught in the spiral of substance use and you're seeking learning, emotional support, and practical information from others going through a similar journey, this group is for you. BENEFITS: ➡️ Feel immediate relief by sharing your challenges in a safe space with others. ➡️ Understand what happens when we use substances. ➡️ Learn from the experiences and stories from others. ➡️ Explore tools that are specifically designed around addiction and recovery. ➡️ Facilitated conversations using the powerful use of Appreciative Inquiry. ➡️ Digital subscription to powerful recovery tools created by R1 Learning. We meet every other Monday online from 7 pm - 8:30 pm where you network with other parents dealing with similar challenges, learn about practical tools on topics like Phases of Addiction, Emotions and Feelings, Healthy Boundaries and Stages of Change, and explore strategies for coping. Meetings are structured and designed to be safe spaces and start and stop on time. Learn more at Monthly membership fee = $80/individual or $150/couple Get 50% off your first month with the following codes: SUPS50-COUPLE for couples or SUPS50-IND for individuals

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SUPS Group

SUPS Group

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