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7 Ways Positive Money Supports a Rich Life

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.”

Jim Carrey

"Rich" is a four-letter packed with meaning and highly subjective. We use it to describe those with material wealth, having great worth or value, or a taste or texture that is intense or extra pleasing to the senses. Kids associate being rich with brands, the size of things, or what they learn is associated with those who are deemed rich. Adults believe being rich will solve most challenges which, when it comes to meeting basic needs, can be true.

With that said, what makes life rich is far from a number or what we own or do. For example, we own two pretty scrappy cars while some of our neighbors own cars worth twice the amount. We know of individuals who, despite their net worth, live modestly. We also hear about those who have high net worth and seem miserable.

Happiness lies not in finding what is missing, but in finding what is present. - Tara Brach

7 Ways Positive Money Supports a Rich Life
A rich life is subjective

7 Ways Positive Money Supports a Rich Life

In Positive Money - 7 Principles for Living a Rich Life No Matter What's in Your Bank Account, I answer the question, "What is a Rich Life?" At one point, I share that a coach once told me, “There are many forms of payment. Cash is just one of them.” 

Positive Money makes it possible to live a rich life when you’re tuned into what feels enriching. It separates the numbers from what you make them mean. It gives you a point of reference for how you want to be in your relationship with money and offers practices for sorting that out. If all goes well, you'll clarify what matters most and establish a reliable system to guide your daily money decisions.

The results are that you:

  1. Feel more confident and comfortable in money conversations.

  2. Be better prepared to navigate financial challenges.

  3. Be less judgmental of yourself and others.

  4. Focus on what counts now and for future generations.

  5. Accept what you can’t control and be curious about what you can.

  6. Understand what triggers you around money.

  7. Move from fear to fearless in all things financial.


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