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Positive Money is about living a rich life.

A rich life is often defined by how much money we make, where we live, or who we know. And yet, what makes life rich is so much more. 

This is why business owners, parents, and leaders committed to enriching the lives of others and ensuring a positive future for themselves, their communities and their families see the critical and complicated link between money, impact, and legacy.  

Positive Money is a philosophy for living in relationship with money that leads to favorable results at home and at work. The Positive Money Principles and Practices created by money relationship expert and coach Cindy Morgan-Jaffe offer a framework and roadmap for creating a rich life designed around what matters most. 


Positive Money - 7 Principles for Living a Rich Life

Our Story

The Positive Money Club was created by Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, an author, coach, and expert on how humans relate to money. Her work is dedicated to helping individuals have a healthy relationship with money in order to lead sustainable and balanced lives. 

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money saboteurs


What holds you back, gets in your way, gives you your greatest gifts?

Our relationship with money can be complicated no matter how much money you have. Money is a resource. How we use it is driven by our beliefs and behaviors formed over time much like the water can change the shape of rocks. 

If you avoid money, use it to please or control loved ones, blame others for your circumstances, or find yourself overwhelmed by your financial life for any number of reasons, sorting out the underlying patterns of thinking and behaving offers great relief. 

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“Cindy's expertise on money and relationships has been featured in national publications and is now accesible to everyone who needs this guidance on how to turn the complicated relationship with money -- into Positive Money."

Iris Krasnow

Best Selling Author and Senior Editor at AARP's The Ethel

“In a world where so much financial advice is laced with shame, guilt, and scarcity, Positive Money is exactly what we need to embrace abundance and empower ourselves to change our relationship with money for the better."

Jamie Trull

Founder of Balance CFO

“Most money books teach you how to get rich while Positive Money teaches how to live richly.”

Tammy Lally

The Money Coach and Author of Money Detox 

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