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We help you make financial decisions that feel good and lead to favorable results.

Positive Money

Learn how Positive Money and the 7 Principles

can help you live a rich life no matter

what's in your bank account.




So you can avoid...


and end up instead with...

  • A thoughtful and practical approach to making financial decisions.

  • Skills and resources you need for communicating your wants and needs.

  • Clarity around the impact you want to make and how money plays a role.











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"Positive Money will help you identify your relationship with money and what it needs to shift to live a happy, fulfilling, and rich life -- regardless of your circumstances."


Bill Carmody, Chief Coaching Officer

Positive Intelligence

"Cindy’s coaching and her Positive Money Principles have kept me calm, clear, and focused so I can be courageous as I reinvent my business to be more in line with the impact I want to generate in the world." 


Janna Jorgensen, Creator of the Human Impact Framework

Positive Money Book Cover

About Positive Money

The Positive Money Club was created by Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, an author, coach, and expert on how humans relate to money. Her work is dedicated to helping individuals have a healthy relationship with money to lead sustainable and balanced lives. 

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