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A rich life starts with a positive relationship with money

rich life starts with a positive relationship with money. 

Positive Money is a philosophy for living in relationship with money that leads to favorable results.
Money is a necessary resource. Yet, too many of us don't have enough, find it stressful, abuse it, or believe it defines who we are.

The mission of the Positive Money Club is to give individuals of any age and in any setting the opportunity, skills, and resources to develop a healthy relationship with money. The Positive Money principles, process, and practice help families, business owners, leaders, and emerging adults have what they need to move forward even in the most challenging times. -- Author, Speaker, Coach, and Creator of the Positive Money Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

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Our Story

The Positive Money Club was created by Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, an author, coach, and expert on how humans relate to money. Her work is dedicated to helping individuals have a healthy relationship with money in order to lead sustainable and balanced lives. 

“Cindy's expertise on money and relationships has been featured in national publications and is now accesible to everyone who needs this guidance on how to turn the complicated relationship with money -- into Positive Money."

Iris Krasnow

Best Selling Author and Senior Editor at AARP's The Ethel

“In a world where so much financial advice is laced with shame, guilt, and scarcity, Positive Money is exactly what we need to embrace abundance and empower ourselves to change our relationship with money for the better."

Jamie Trull

Founder of Balance CFO

“Most money books teach you how to get rich while Positive Money teaches how to live richly.”

Tammy Lally

The Money Coach and Author of Money Detox 


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