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Jan 12, 2024 - Feb 2, 2024

Positive Money Cleanse - 4 Weeks Starting January 12, 2024

  • 22Days


The mission of the Positive Money Club is to empower individuals and organizations to have a positive, productive, and purposeful relationship with money. However, not all of us know what this means, or wonder if we could have a healthier relationship with money. 🥰💰The Positive Money Cleanse Ready to start the new year with... ✅ Greater clarity on the beliefs and behaviors that drive results in your financial life? ✅ Resources and support that can help you change habits and outcomes? ✅ Dedicated time to focus on what you know is critical to achieving the goals and dreams for your life? 👩‍🏫 Join money relationship expert and coach Cindy Morgan-Jaffe for live teaching and active learning using her Positive Money Book and Workbook as the materials. In our group sessions, we’ll explore the following. 1️⃣ What matters most to you now and how money plays a role 2️⃣ Your current relationship with money and how it drives results 3️⃣ The 3 P’s of Positive Money and how you can leverage them to create a plan for moving forward. In between sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to put your learning into action using the group for support. MEETING DETAILS: 📆 Three Sessions Starting January 12, 2024 🕒 Meeting Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm ET 📍 Location: Online

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Positive Money Cleanse - January 2024

Positive Money Cleanse - January 2024

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