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NOKBOX 30-Day Challenge - April 2024


When we die, an individual or institution is legally designated as the executor of our estate. This means they hold responsibility for our financial affairs. Often, access to and knowledge of assets is difficult, making the already monumental task of taking care of matters even harder. The NOKBOX or Next of Kin Box offers supplies for assembling these important documents in the case of your death. It was created by Maria who, along with her brother, was called to manage their father's estate and found themselves scrambling to find even the most basic and critical information like passwords to computers and phones. Participants are encouraged to purchase their own NOKBOX at the link provided in the confirmation email though it's not required to participate. Note: You can purchase your NokBox materials if you want to use them at the following link: You do NOT need to make this purchase to participate in this challenge. The NOKBOX 30-Day Challenge will help you: • Know and organize the important documents and information needed when you're gone. • Sleep better at night knowing that your loved ones will have what they need to manage your financial affairs. • Get er' done and have fun while you're doing it. DETAILS 📆 4 Weekly Meetings on Wednesdays from 4 pm - 5 pm ET April 3rd - 24th, 2024 🖥️ Location - Online (details sent closer to event) 🎦 Videos and email support are provided between sessions

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